It is with sincere gratitude that we are pleased (Sylvain and his team) to underline our appreciation of your presence at this third and tremendous success that was this exhibition that you had the enthusiasm to support such an elegant way.
After Baie-Saint-Paul and Toronto, it was important for us to offer you the warmest of hospitalities considering the importance we attach to the curiously faithful in the Montreal area, which it will always be a familiar and comforting landmark in the Sylvain's work. It is with a significant nostalgia that Sylvain will draw new inspirations in New York for an indeterminate time considering the spontaneity essential for a healthy continuation of the work of this great composer of images.
Certainly, even unshakeable, we will come back to welcome you with as much eagerness and enthusiasm to dazzle you with new creations that will certainly feed, as usual, fun on all its possible forms.
Thank you ...from the production and especially Sylvain!